CMD Factory Input

I hope this is simple. I'm reading a value from a tag that has an integer value. I need to pass that into command factory to a multi-level switch to control dimness. I get an error that it needs to be an array. How do I format that. If I use an inject with a value of "[40]" that works?

No, not at all!
Welcome to the forum, but your explanation is not clear.

What is a tag?

What is command factory?

What is the error?
Copy/paste the error.

Please explain in more detail what your issue is.

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I'm reading a tag from Ignition. Let's say for example the tag is the number 40. It should set the level for the light to 40. If I use the inject input with [40], it works. How do I format the value coming from the ignition tag from 40 to [40]?

Never mind. I figured it out. Had to put payload in brackets.

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