Collect http adress

Hllo i asked for help few month ago to solve my troulbe . i need to send a unique http adress to my mqtt broker.
it was working but today i made a mistake on my raspberry and i deleted my work so i need your hel one more time to help me
like that it work

but like that it doesnt work

have you got answers

Payload is empty in the debug because you moved msg.payload to msg.url

Either change your debug to view the full msg or to view msg.url

ok . how can i see full debug ? it look like deployed

at first it was somethoing like that

But here no http

We have no idea what is in msg.url.

Attache a debug as shown.

i only have "undefined"

You didint do what i asked.

"put a debug here set to show complete message"

  • Put a debug set to show complete message on EVERY output of EVERY node

  • In the debug panel, Expand EVERY part of the debug message

exactly i just saw it. i send immediatly good one

just momment

So, number of issues.

  1. You have moved payload to URL - BUT - the payload is NOT a URL (its an object)
    a URL must be a string like http://xxxxxxxxx/ but clearly you can see in your picture, URL is an object full of stuff (not a string!)

  2. You did NOT put a debug on EVERY output of EVERY node

  1. You did not expand the debug objects fully as requested...

I'm afraid if you dont follow my requests, I cannot help you.

I m sorry for that.
i do my best to give you your request

in yellow the http i want


  1. Does that "Execution API" have any options on how it formats output data? Can you provide a screen shot of its settings?

  2. Can you post a copy of the output of "Execution API"

    • click the "copy value" button that appears in the debug window when you hover over the message
  3. remove sensitive info (change sensitive parts to xxxxxxxx then paste the output in a reply

paste copied code between 3 back ticks like this to prevent it being mangled by the forum

  1. i don't think

Parameter name: "api-key" has value "xxxx"Parameter name: "api-secret" has value "xxxx"Parameter name: "station-id" has value "xxxx"Parameter name: "t" has value "1598273300"Data string to hash is: "api-keyajmnxiysttgggzjwkxj6ajghlngti1xestation-id90419t1598273300"API Signature is: "331346626874a12e75ede06903307f41651af42878c6d3fbaf74ce9b5e709ecd"v2 API URL:

Look this we were speaking few mont ago maybe it can help

I'd forgotton that thread.

So question time...

  1. Is that "Execution API" calling a python function?
  2. Could you modify the python script to return VALID JSON
  3. Could the URL be computed in node-red (i.e. do what the python does in pure node-red)
  1. yes it launch a python programm
  2. i dont know . i dont remember i have to do that last time
    3 i dont know :roll_eyes:

i have to go for today. thanks for your help

Hello.Just for your information. i found the solution. i have to modify python programm . i corrected the programm just to appear the link when i execute it.then i can move it to msg payload to msg url . Then http request and i have my result
Thanks for your help

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