Get input from dashboard-form and set IP address in http get

Wondering if someone can help me here.
Total Noob to Node-Red
I'm working on a personal project to capture data from a URL.
I'm trying to work out some basic functionality issues.

I have a Dashboard form that requests the IP or hostname from the user.
Upon submit use the input in the http get node.
I've added the specific payload to the URL which I thought would work, but I'm only getting errors as the URL node does not seem to be taking my user input.


[{"id":"0103d988b4b02dad","type":"ui_form","z":"145c6760850289d3","name":"","label":"","group":"d36ccebfce37562c","order":2,"width":0,"height":0,"options":[{"label":"IP Address or Hostname","value":"ipaddress","type":"text","required":true,"rows":null}],"formValue":{"ipaddress":""},"payload":"","submit":"submit","cancel":"cancel","topic":"topic","topicType":"msg","splitLayout":"","className":"","x":130,"y":60,"wires":[["d7b6d9f7d07e6296","556c3d29e8bc0282"]]},{"id":"d36ccebfce37562c","type":"ui_group","name":"Default","tab":"fe6af6882003ac69","order":1,"disp":true,"width":"6","collapse":false,"className":""},{"id":"fe6af6882003ac69","type":"ui_tab","name":"Home","icon":"dashboard","disabled":false,"hidden":false}]

Try triple brackets
[edit] remove the msg.


as the mustache template is probably escaping speacial characters

No dice. Same error msg.

TypeError: Invalid URL

For fun, I've removed the URL and replaced with http://{{msg.payload.ipaddress}} or http://{{{msg.payload.ipaddress}}}
Same error.

I've set the hostname to
My output box on the dashboard is showing correctly.

Your post dissappeared so i could not say the problem is the msg. in the {{msg.payload.ipaddress}}
Remove the msg.. I updated the post above to correct syntax

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