Color change with node-red-contrib-ui-babylonjs-3d

I want to change the color with node-red-contrib-ui-babylonjs-3d and I am doing trial and error, outlineColor can be changed in the sample and the surrounding frame can be changed, but what I want to change is the frame Not the contents. It looks like the image below.

Image from Gyazo

I am using the inject node to do the following:
Is there a solution?

Image from Gyazo

I don't know this by head, because I didn't had a chance yet to develop this node meanwhile.
Will try to have a look somewhere this week.
Please send me a reminder in the weekend, if I should have forgotten to answer!!

Thank you.


This node doesn't implement the entire BabylonJs API, simply due to a lack of free time. I add new features, when users explicit request them. As you did now ...

I have now extended the "update_mesh" command, to accept the following parameters via the input message:

  • outlineWidth
  • outlineColor
  • renderOutline
  • overlayColor --> new
  • renderOverlay --> new
  • showBoundingBox --> new

You can install my node from Github again, to test this.

And the update-mesh section on my readme page has been extended with example flows.

The "mission impossible" demo on the readme page has also been updated, to show how to apply a red color to the roof of the building. Here is the short version of that demo animation:


Note that there is still something incorrect with the new overlayColor example flow on the readme. When I apply that color to a single box, I get this result:


I have reduced my code to a small code snippet, to be able to ask on the BabylonJs forum what is going wrong. But when I run that code in their playground, everything works fine (see here). I have no clue why my node does it incorrectly. Will ask tonight on their forum ...


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@TOSHI1 : I have posted my question on the BabylonJs forum. Hopefully anybody can assist us...

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I got some nice feedback from the very responsive BabylonJs community. Seems I had misinterpreted some things, so I have updated my readme page to make sure others don't make the same mistake.

Case closed ...