Combine different messages send sequentially


I would like to build a flow that receives a telegram message (works) then downloads a file (works), append something to the file, based on the original content and the telegram message and uploads the file again.

I currently struggle with how to combine the telegram message (msg.payload["content"]) and the result of the http request (msg.payload as a string).

Connecting both outputs to a function node would trigger the node as soon there a telegram message, but the file is not downloaded yet

So basically, I want the two node to be chained, with the payload from the first node passed through the second node:


so that the debug node sees the payload of both objects.

How can I achieve that?

Thanks a lot!

Put a change node between telegram and http request. Have the change node copy msg.payload to msg.something. finally, set the debug to show complete message and you should see the original telegram payload (in msg.something) and the http response in msg.payload.

Obviously you can use msg.anything or msg.telgramPayload or msg.whateverPropNameYouDesire

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