`comment` nodes - suggestion

Submitted for your approval:

(Rod Sterling voice)

Just in light of recent posts about how to move groups of nodes.

Given you can SHIFT click on a node and all attached nodes are also selected allowing moving of a group of nodes easy, I see a slight problem:

Now and then you use the comment node to write comments.
They aren't selected when you do what I just said.

Allowing them to have an input (best option of the two I think) when you SHIFT CLICK on a group of nodes, the comment nodes are taken along also.

Yes, ok:

You could GROUP the nodes.

That has a problem if you are dynamically editing that group of nodes, adding new nodes isn't as easy.
You have to deselect the group and then regroup them.

Just a thought.

Or you can just drag a bounding box around the nodes you want.

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