A thought about using comments in node description

This is just a putting it out there post with something I think would be nice to share as an idea.

Although (most) nodes allow comments to be added to them it is not always thought of, and there is a comment node too.

I use the comment node here and there to remind me of what a block of nodes are doing, and there is little else.

But now and then there is more information there than what is in the title.
I've decided to implement the rule that if there are extra (any?) comments in the node's comment field, I append an * to the name.

That will indicate to me that there is more there than shown.


I know to open that node and read the extra stuff in the comments.

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You shouldn't need to open it. Just selecting it will show the info in the info sudebar

I nearly replied but thought I should test your claim.

Not happening here on my machine.

When I move my mouse over the comment node, it turns to a hand, and that's about it.

Moving your mouse over the comment node is not the same as selecting it.

Click on the node and you will see its info in the Info sidebar - just as you would any other node.

Node selected or not, I only get the hand.

No pop up comments visible.

I just tried to take two screen shots to show this, but the mouse is lost in the captures.

But believe me: I don't get the pop up text.

No one has said anything about pop-up text.

Dave said:

selecting it will show the info in the info sudebar

I said:

Click on the node and you will see its info in the Info sidebar

Ok, my bad on that.

But again: (and after making a fool of myself for not reading what was written) I select the node, and nothing in the side bar either.

(Which mode does it need to be in? I'm guessing debug)

Oh.... No. Of course not. It has to be in info mode.

Yeah, well, ok. Fair enough.

This is a suggestion for people to use (or not).

Most of the time I have the side bar in debug mode. Information mode is irritating as every time you click somewhere that part of the display changes. (For no real gain)

So as opposed to changing to mode from debug to information to see it - which means more mouse travel from the node to the menu button.

My way is the mouse is at/near/on the node. Double click and read the text.

Again: It is only a suggestion.

And I shall cop the two dunce points I copped in my replies.

Andrew, yeah, you definately need to deduct 2 points there

however, in yor defence, you are definitely not alone.

I often have to write double click me to read more in the comment. Its quite difficult to succinctly explain click me, expand the side bar if hidden, and select the info tab to read more.

Nick / Dave, as a UX improvement, perhaps you might consider adding to bottom of your long list of TODOs - generating a tooltip that either says "look in the side bar info tab for more info" or better still (and slightly more difficult due to MD rendering) display all or part of the internal info in a tooltop?

I would personally raise a PR however I tried this once for a UI element in NR and almost immediately floundered due to the i18n implications (everything sounds simple until you give it a go right?)

Just thought, perhaps if clicking a comment (with additional info), the sidebar (if hidden) opened out & the info TAB auto selected?

Thanks @Steve-Mcl.

I guess "double click me to read more" is good also.

Just my way you can put a brief description in the comment node and append a * to indicate there is more to read if you open the node.

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