Indication Icon for Nodes where a description text is entered

Not sure if this is the right place to suggest something but I think its better to do it here than nowhere :slight_smile:

When creating more complex nodes, especially function nodes with own code, it is such a handy feature to be able to add a description where you can write down how the node works and what needs to be considered when using it. This is really useful when you come back after years to get a quick info without having to go through the code again.

However I think that the description unfortunately is quite hidden in Node RED. That's why I prefer to use a comment node and place it right next to it where I write down my stuff. In this way it is really obvious that there is some infornation when you look at the flow.

So the idea is to add little indication icon (e.g. an 'i') on nodes, which do have a non blank description field. Similar to the little indicators for changed nodes that can be deployed or those who have invalid configuration. In this way it would be obvious that there is some additional information hidden and it would definitely be used much more I think. Maybe it would also be quite handy if you could click on the icon and then the description opens in the side navigation.


Feature requests go in Feature Requests

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Also this has already been requested here: Special indication on nodes with description

Great minds think alike. That is what I suggested too (somewhere in that thread)

Oh damn, didn't see that cagegory. If it has already been suggested, I think my posting is redundant :frowning:

Not at all. Always good to see the level of demand for new features

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I've added a nudge to that other thread as it isn't clear if anyone is progressing it.

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