Communicate between nodes at runtime


I have a config node which collects some data from child nodes in a flow for using it inside a particular function. Currently each node is inspected from the config node at start of flow. Now I need to replace the existing value inside a child node using msg.payload, and config node has to apply the updated value into same function.

Currently I'm extending the config-node like :

export type ConfigNode = {
    config: ConfigNode;
    register(node: Node): void;
    updateFuncion(oldKey: string, newKey: string): void;
} & BaseConfig & Node;

and using it :

this.config = RED.nodes.getNode(configNodeID);
this.config?.updateFuncion(last_key, current_key);

Is it possible to communicate with config node from a child node in NODE-RED way, or using RED.httpAdmin for triggering that function again?

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