Communication between Node and Config Node


I want to send one input value of Config Node to some other Node which is using that config node.

Is there any way to have communication between both Node?



Given that you posted this in the development channel I’m guessing this is a node you are writing?

If so nodes that share a config node can share the config behind the scenes.

For example if you define a MQTT-IN node with broker details then you can select that config in a MQTT-OUT node.
But you have to do the selection, there is no way that I know of for a node to auto-configure.



Hi Devbrat,

Perhaps I don't understand your question correctly, but I'm developing some nodes at the moment that share data with their config nodes.

I get a reference to the config node:

node.deviceConfig = RED.nodes.getNode(config.deviceConfig); 

And then my node starts listening for data (in my case 'status') changes of that config node:

node.deviceConfig.addListener("onvif_status", node.listener); 




Ah, good call.

Funnily enough I was thinking about that as well as I've been working on uibuilder v2. I'd thought at one point that using a config node would open up some other possibilities for additional nodes. In fact, in the end this is one thing that stopped me.

I actually have gone for an API-based approach though instead and that might be another approach here. uibuilder now has (extended in v2) some API end-points that let the front-end admin ui and other nodes and even end-users get to additional information. Such as the list of installed front-end libraries available to uibuilder web pages and the full list of all uibuilder end-points deployed.

API's are trivial to implement from a custom node.