Communicate Node-RED with rs485

Hi everyone, I’m trying to communicate with red node to a ballast via an RS485 to USB converter. This ballast is used to light some lamps.

I have the ballast configured for communication via RS485, connected to the RS485 to USB converter, and the Node-RED IN serial is configured on the correct port and baud.

I did this basic serial communication test, but I don’t get any debugs:

I enclose the ballast manual:

I hope you can help me send hexadecimal commands that are detailed in the manual as I do not handle this part very well. I’ve worked with Modbus, but not with pure rs485.

Welcome @vidal_jr

To help you sort through the output that may be coming across your USB adapter, install a Modbus scanner and see what comes through. Compare that info with your tables from the manual. There are many Modbus scanners, but I have had good success with this one.

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