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friends tell me please, I work with rs485 via usb adapter ch340. node-red use serial in and serial out on dev / ttyUsb0 port. but when I send a request I don't get a response, not in win environment not in linux. the protocol is not modbus. through the provided commands are sent and received, from node-red not. Can you tell me if there is a tool for working with 483?

You might want to correct your title and last comment... rs483 is not a communications protocol and confuses the search :stuck_out_tongue:

On that note, have you searched this forum and the palette for rs485?

This is old, but might work?

I watched this package, alas, it is not installed
log in attachProcessing: 2021-08-25T06_15_42_080Z-debug.log...
2021-08-25T06_15_42_080Z-debug.txt (252.1 KB)

Have you tried sending your commands in Windows via a terminal tool such as Realterm ? you need to confirm that you have the correct drivers for your adapter and that your adapter is working, then try sending commands from a terminal app to check you have the correct command syntax . . . . before you start blaming Node Red.

I'm 90% way through a medium sized project which relies heavily on RS485 comms in Node Red using the standard TX and RX comms nodes.

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