Communication between Iot2000 and PLC S7-1500

I'm searching for some days how to get a connection between my Iot2000 and PLC.
Therefore I already installed the recent Node-RED Release 1.2.6 and Node.js V8.16.0 (can't update, why).
Version of node-red-contrib-s7 is also the newest one (3.0.0)

Now to the connected Hardware:
My Iot2000 Gateway ist connected to my Computer via X1P1 Port, static IP:
Port X2 is connected to my router (dchp).
-> until here everything works fine.
I'm able to start putty and node-red in my browser.

But when I try to connect to my PLC (only connect to my computer via IP at Port X2), nodered throws an error:

"Error: connect EHOSTUNREACH".

My question is: Did I forget something in connection settings or am I using incorrect IP-addresses or what is the problem here?

PS: I also tried to install nodered on my PC and it worked fine. So I don't know where the problem is, but I guess it es something with the connection...

An yes, I found some documents about my connection, but nowhere it is exactly described how to connect the hardware within IPs.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

My bet is your PC had nodejs V12 or V14?

In a nutshell the latest FW on those IoT boxes is Nodejs8, this node requires Nodejs10+ - that IoT box (as i understand it) is obsolete & not being supported by siemens.

A £35 raspberry pi (or an industrialised one) is the answer.

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