Install node-red-contrib-s7 with a recent version of node-red

I am beginner and I would like to be able to communicate my IOT 2000 with a S7 1500. The version of Node-red that I currently have is V0.16.2 and I can not inst

Here is what I will mainly like to do:
1) Update my Node-red with the latest version
2) Can install node-red-contrib-s7 from the node-red application

Can you help me please?..

Hello Gerald,
to update your NR try simply using this tutorial:, once you update to the most recent version you can then install the node directly from the NR interface.

I’m afraid you may have some performance issues. As far as I know the IOT 2000 has some performance issues because it’s low processor capabilities. Maybe you need a better hardware for playing with Node-RED.

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first check which version of node.js you have… - as that may need upgrading first (if possible) - as the latest versions of Node-RED need 4.8…x at least.

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Thank you for your solutions.
I succeed. :grin:

Hi Gerald_10,

I'm having problem to receive data from S7-1500 to IOT2040 using the S7 node. The S7 node turn from online to failure after I set it for variable. Debug message keep display msg : string[20] "Failure (Bad values)"
Did you success to communicate between them? Thank you.

Best Regards.

Hi @jan-k,

this thread is 2 years old and was about an installation problem with the node.

If you have a specific problem with the S7 node, please start a new thread.