Node-red-contrib-s7 broken after 3.0.0 update

I have a big application in which I read from 30+ Siemens S1200 PLCs using the S7 node, version 2.2.1.

Today, I saw the update to 3.0.0, and clicked on it.

After rebooting, every single machine was broken, saying there was no configuration for each S7 node, or something like that. On closer inspection, the Variables tab marked each and every single address field in red, as if the format was wrong (I hadn't changed the previous one).

I went to Github to check the changelog, but the last changelog is from 6 months ago, for the 2.2.1 version (the one I was running).

In the end, I had to roll back the server by using yesterday's backup file.

Did anyone else have the same issue? Could you solve it without rolling back the update?

it has been mentioned

I suspect you are using the IoT boxes that Siemens have not updated beyond node v8? If so, you essentially have an obsolescence issue (node 8 is EOL)

See this

If you can, move to Raspberry PI (much cheaper + up-to-date) (or any of the industrialised boxes based on RPi)

We're using a CentOS linux in our server cluster (intel Xeon machines) to run the node-red server.

We're running NodeJS version 12.18.3.

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Hmm, perhaps raise an issue?

Note: this is a major version change (V2.x >> V3.x) so perhaps you just need to re-enter your configs settings? Sometimes it is even enough to simply open & acknowledge what is there (click DONE) then deploy (this is often due to changes in the design that auto upgrade underlying settings of the node when the users opens the config of an existing node in your flow (not even sure if that makes sense - but I know what I mean :wink: )

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we are the maintainers of this Node.
Indeed this update is a major and has major changes because of future functionalities (like project upload, PLC clock, MPI Communication, Profibus Communication and many others).
Unfortunately almost everything will work in our hardware (ST-One) only, since we don't have any support (not even from Siemens) to keep this project public and robust for all OSs and hardwares.
If you still have problems you can raise an issue in the repository as Steve mentioned above, so that maybe we can find what is the problem.

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Thank you for the replies.

I understand what you say, Siemens support is abysmal for anything that bypasses the need for THEIR solutions (which cost outrageous amounts of cash).

For now, I'm sticking to 2.2.1, because it does everything I need at the moment, but I will try to raise an issue on Github and see if someone can figure it out.

I'm having my own issues with Siemens, basically the convoluted way of handling the PLC software. I used to work with Mitsubishi PLCs and they were much more straightforward to use and program.

At this point, I'd rather use a solution based in Raspberry Pi that could be programmed in node-red instead of having all this huge ladder chunks as we do in some machines.

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