Debug Connectivity Issues with the node-red-contrib-s7 package


Im having trouble connecting my IOT2050 Gateway to a S7-1200 PLC. I had it working previously and trying to connect from a laptop in the same subnet works fine. I can ping the PLC from the gateway but still cant get a connection in node red. It throws an error: "Error connecting to PLC: [object Object]". What exactly does that message mean? Its different to the one that shows up when the IP simply isnt accesible. Is there any way to more closely debug this thing?
It was working the whole time until I added a manual route this morning, however even after removing said route the issue persists so it cant be the direct cause.

Im kind of at my wits end here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I suspect it is a problem you have created messing with routes.

Do you have Node-RED installed on your laptop or computer or even a Raspberry PI? You could verify this is not a PLC issue by making connection from a regular computer.

From that point on, you would likely need to head to the siemens forums and search/ask there.

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