Communication between smartphones and a projector. Remote Control Phone

Hi guys,
I want to make an Mobile app which can connnect to the Smart Xiaomi Projector (Android). With a smartphone, the teacher can control the powerpoint file which is saved locally in the projector. It's like the Mi Home app, make a phone become a remote control.
I'm new with BLE and NodeRed, as I know, I need to define :

  • Connection between phones and a projector (BLE).
  • Protocol to transfer/receive commands from a phone to the projector.
  • Apply these commands to powerpoint files in the projector.

My phone is connected to the projecteur via Bluetooth, next step is looking for a protocol. Do you know what protocol that i need to use in this case? And then how to apply commands received to powerpoint files in the projector so that I can control it?

Thanks a lot!


It all depends on your projector device and what APIs it supports.
So you need to share some more details about your actual Smart Projector Xiaomi.

It is a Mi Laser Projector 150.

I don't understand why do we need API for this communication between them, this communication is via Bluetooth? Please tell me if you need any more details.

Sorry, I see your need now.
So you don't want to use the bluetooth remote control but a kind of app on a smartphone.

As the Xiaomi projector seems to run android, have you tried using some android (tv) remote control app (e.g Android TV Remote Control) ?

I guess the other approach is to try to reverse engineer the bluetooth protocol which seems an extremely difficult task to me.

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