Community Project - hand washing reminder (suggestions wanted)

Thanks for the heads-up Julian, I'll look on the positive side then...
Being in the over 70-year-old bracket I'm probably going to be confined to my house shortly...
This means I'll have loads of extra time to create NR-flows and write-up loads of tutorials. :writing_hand:

I will also need social interaction with you guys, so please keep talking to me. :joy:


There is often a silver lining!

I've just turned 60, my parents are in their early 90's and thankfully reasonably online savvy. My father-in-law, 89 has just completed his first online shop! How the world has changed since the 1930's! But how it hasn't changed in other ways (stupid governments, selfishness, etc).

Well, my work has been largely remote since well before the virus kicked off, I've been in the office only 3-4 days a week for many years now and since October, I went from 1-2 days a week in the office to often no days. Of course, as I have 2 teenage kids and a wife who is a community based paediatric OT, exposure is still fairly high. But I am healthy so not in a high risk group despite my age.

Also worth remembering that the "worst" confirmed infection rates worldwide are generally well below 0.001% of the population. I have to keep reminding myself that individual risk is actually really low and I can lower it further by simply being sensible about hand cleaning and reducing my trips to London.

Sorry, hope the bit about infection rates doesn't offend. I'm not belittling the importance nor the impact to people, just trying to stay balanced.


Whippersnapper! :smile:


I'm only 30 inside my skull! :grinning:

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Wow...I'm 66 but your old in your skull, I'm about 5 in my skull :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not to be confused with the age my wife puts me at!

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Whats wrong with old scottish single malt???

Ah, that's for the inner cleansing, not the outer :grinning:

A tipple before bed always seems to reduce any illness to me! (DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and you should most certainly ignore any crazy claims about the effectiveness of Whiskey to cure all ills no matter how true it is :wink:


FWIW: I have just found this project:

That's going to happen this evening with Guinness and a nice Islay Scotch. :tumbler_glass:

All pubs are closed... so Paddy@home :expressionless:

Stay healthy!

Last year I ordered 2 xiaomi hand washers just for fun but now we are happy:


Not automated anything here. However, it did order a 5l "refill" for the Ecover soap that we seem to get through quite quickly at home in the best of circumstances. That turned out to be somewhat prophetic.

Well, while I don't think that The Boss will allow such a thing in the house, I do like the sensors. I think I may repurpose that design for a washing machine sensor.

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