Help me stay in touch with the family!

Hello everyone. Many thanks in advance for any help.

I've got some experience with electronics and programming, but none in JavaScript or HTML code. I recently managed to write a flow that controlled (input and output) the state of LEDs on a breadboard connected to a pi. I was "over the moon" to be able to go to xxx:1880/ui on my laptop and achieve remote control.

On to my problem...I work in a hospital and my wife is covid "high risk". So, I now live in a (relatively comfortable) out house while the rest of the family stay in the house. What I want to achieve is... place the pi with camera in the living room... have a photo sent every few seconds to xxx:1880/ui. So, I can go to the tab on my browser and see what the rest of the family are up to while I'm in the out house. Reading this back it sounds creepy!!! but it beats staring through the window :slight_smile:

The WiFi signal is patchy so I'm not opting for a live video feed. I'd like to this through a node based method as I'm interested in developing IoT flows as my experience develops. Perhaps, I may also add a button that activates the photo being taken.

Again, thanks for any help received.

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Have search of the flows library

This one will likely serve as a starting point.

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Cheers, Steve. I'll have ago at this.

Or: use an old mobile phone and use it as a webcam :slightly_smiling_face: ( in case of android try IP webcam). I use it in Node Red to keep an eye on my 3d printer when it is printing. Works like a charm

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How far from the house is the outhouse? Are you in a position to buy some additional kit? Do you have sufficient power to the outhouse?

That's a good idea. I'll have to remember to keep my present phone when I renew it.

Power is no problem. I have WiFi on an extender, but it's not very reliable. What are you thinking of re additional Kit?

Well depending on layout and distance, you might be able to run a wire (though watch out for earth differentials, they can be a disaster).

Easier though would be a WiFi mesh. Unlike extenders, these tend to be a lot more reliable. How costly will depend on what you have now. You might also consider a semi-pro WiFi AP if you are trying to rely on an consumer router/wifi combo, they are generally pretty rubbish. The Ubiquity Unifi series are low cost but pro quality. You will see them in a lot of small businesses like cafes. They are easily meshed but if you are happy to stick with 2.5GHz wifi, you can get their LR version (long-range) which might reach your outhouse.

Another, cheaper, option if you have a multi-aerial router/wifi combo is to get a directional antenna (or make your own, not very difficult). Just watch out for maximum power levels from the antenna, you really need to position it so that people don't cross the path in the first few metres. Strictly speaking they aren't really allowed in most countries as you will be focusing the energy and likely exceeding local rules on max. output energy but as long as you are sensible, you won't have any issues.

Anyway, just a few alternative thoughts for you to think about.

Oh, one other thought. It is possible that Powerline (ethernet over power) might work for you. But it is hard to know without actually trying it. Depends how the electrics are extended to the outhouse (including the wiring/connection quality) and how far it is.

Whatever route you decide, stay safe and take a clap from me for working on the front line of this crisis :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Success! Many thanks, folks!

[{"id":"8f1eea2d.23ef18","type":"camerapi-takephoto","z":"b1f90109.9d7ef","filemode":"2","filename":"","filedefpath":"1","filepath":"","fileformat":"jpeg","resolution":"3","rotation":"0","fliph":"0","flipv":"0","brightness":"50","contrast":"0","sharpness":"0","quality":"80","imageeffect":"none","exposuremode":"auto","iso":"0","agcwait":"1.0","led":"0","awb":"auto","name":"","x":180,"y":180,"wires":[["4ee62a19.6d64d4"]]},{"id":"2a5308ad.363358","type":"file in","z":"b1f90109.9d7ef","name":"load image to buffer","filename":"","format":"","sendError":true,"x":652,"y":174,"wires":[["f19230d1.e5435"]]},{"id":"b32a1e2d.1c31e","type":"ui_template","z":"b1f90109.9d7ef","group":"6a3abe13.f5c7a","name":"","order":0,"width":"20","height":"12","format":"

\n <img ng-src="data:image/JPEG;base64,{{msg.payload}}"/>\n
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Many thanks for the kind words.
Fortunately, I've got it work with the resources I have.

Really appreciate people taking time to help.

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Thanks, Steve. Modified it a little. Just does what I wanted.

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