Thank you to you all

I don't ask many questions or write very much on this forum, but I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those regular geniuses, who repeatedly answer the questions from us mortals.
Every time I run into a brick wall, I manage to find something that is very near to the current head scratching teaser, which helps me to work out the answer for myself.
I have created some awesome flows as a result.
Happy New Year to you all.


Nice to hear from you and welcome to the forum.
It would be great to hear what you have done with Node-RED.

Thank you dynamicdave.

Ah well, I am an oldie and on these cold dark winter days I find this Node-RED teaser a fantastic way of keeping the brain alive and hungry for more. The snag is of course, that this is highly addictive to a personality like mine.

I started using Node-RED a year ago to expand the possibilities of Home Assistant and I put my QNAP server to use with a docker version of Node-RED and HA.
My first project was to develop a flow, which would give me better control in using my PV solar with auto power switching and more statistics that would help me use the energy better. Looking at the instant power, this months power, comparison for last month and a rolling annual revenue.
I used to use excel, to do this, but I like the way I can feed this to HA, which is especially useful when I am away.
I also fed this info to an Alexa dot to announce the data every 30 mins, but my wife threatened me with divorce, so I had to turn that off.

Since then I have incorporated an environment page, which shows the Weather, Energy used, Sun, Moon positions, Motion and Hue flows, Sonoff for auto door switching, Currency Exchange graphs, Local Tides, Ring doorbell and my latest project which captures aircraft data within my viewing range with azimuth/ elevation/ distance/ callsign etc.

The QNAP sever doesn't creak too much under the burden of it all and it can still serve up my media perfectly at the same time

Now what next?


Sounds like you have been pretty busy and achieved quite a lot of things with Node-RED.
I've been retired for just over 7-years and like you have used Node-RED to keep the brain ticking-over.
If you do a search on 'Share Your Projects' you'll find quite a few of the projects I've published for my IoT students over the last 2 to 3-years.

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