Paid node red (home assistant) help

hi all - i'm wasting many hours trying to get stuff working in node red and am after someone who can jump on a zoom call with me to help debug some basic stuff i.e
notifications actions not working in a flow
grab custom attribute from entity (templates in node red)
and whatever else comes up. i'm keen for an hour initially if that works.

let me know if interested and your rate (happy to dm) i'm available today to jump on

You would be better off asking over in the Node Red section on the Home Assistant forums - i am one of the few on here that is active with both NR and HA (and do not really have time today to do any remote work.

Have you looked the Videos from the TheHookup on Youtube - he did a superb one recently on various levels of HA and NR integration


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thank you - yes that is the one i followed, I got notifications working but when i press the action it does nothing and flow stops there.

POst up your flow and i will have a look today

thank you @craigcurtin

this one here: Receive lan webhook with camera snapshot (surveillance station) - #2 by Steve-Mcl

whenever you get a chance @craigcurtin if you can advice me on how to obtain the rednode ip for incoming webhooks from my lan. node red is running on home assistant as an add on (supervised) so not sure what ip to use or how to get it.

thank you

The IP will be based on name only (as you are running in docker containers) - therefore in the server name you would put the name of the container - such as Nodered, homeassistant etc

Look up Docker networking in google


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