Compare Current timestamp with future timestamp

Dear all

I would like to use the German DWD wind warning to initiate retracting our blinds.
DWD sends different warning codes, wind warning is integer value "1".
Currently, this value triggers the flow to retract the blinds.
However, I noticed that in a different datafield, a warning starting timestamp is published.
So in order to retract the blinds only when this timestamp is reached and not before, I need to compare the now timestamp with the warning starting timestamp ever so often.

I would you a trigger node to initiate this comparison every 30 min. Then the warning start timestamp (very long integer value) should be compared with the current timestamp. After that, if the warning type value is 1, the blind retraction trigger shall be initiated.
Does anybody have an idea, of to set-up this timestamp comparison?

Another thought. When you see a warning timestamp, set a timer for 5 mins before that time - eg using cron plus node. At that point recheck - if still valid close the blinds in 5 mins. Else reset to new warning time. No need to compare times.

Okay, I didn't get the cron node to work yet. Instead I tried that timestamp comparison but it doesn't give me any true false yet ;-(.




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