Complete node and sub flows

Hello - I wanted to see if I could use the "complete" node to monitor when certain events in the flow are done (basically, monitor when any branch of a flow ends). When I look at the nodes that can be selected in the "complete" node, I also see the subflows (which is great!)

The question is when does the complete node get the notification for sub-flow completion? The last "node" in both sub-flows shown above is another sub-flow (which has just the Pushover node). Also, if a node shows up in the selection list for the "complete" node, does it mean that it automatically supports notification?

I did do a Google search and also search here, but as you can imagine, the search results were somewhat meaningless. There was one example of using a complete node but it was very basic.

Thanks for your help.

Does the Complete node ever signal if it is connected only to a Subflow?

I will create a small test flow and see what happens..

Just created a small test flow and the complete node never gets a notification when the subflow completes. Oh well - back to the drawing board...

I suspected not. One solution may be to add another output to the subflow and send a message to it when the action you want to perform is complete. If appropriate attach a Complete node inside the subflow to the relevant node and send that to the additional output.


This question was in relation to the other topic that we were discussing. Originally, I had thought of using the complete node to reset the GV but it was simpler with the link nodes. Thanks again!

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