Compose XMLHttp requests with node

When I click view source in iexplorer, it starts such a query and I can see the value in its payload.

How do i that query with node-red


set the same headers in the request.

Thks for express answer

I was established device with your support

By the way;

When i click the parameter it is requested from the value https://x.x.x.x/data/bulk/ path. When I normally call to this path with iexplorer, it downloads a hollow bulk.json file. How can I make this request


Use the post method & look at what value is sent in the request. Ps, using chrome it is much clearer what is happening.

Thank you Steve

For your suggestion chrome was very helpful. But I am getting a fetch error in the function node. I think will be add the necessary require to my settings.js file for this issue.But which line in settings.js

First, fetch is a client side thing & function nodes run server-side (in nodejs)

Second, the http request node does what fetch does.

The cookbook entry I linked to shows you how to do a request with headers.

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