Computer Crashed - Searching my flow

I had a computer crash and I had to reinstall flowforge. I been able to copy my working directy c:\flowforge. I am trying to find my flow to import them and the structure is different than Node-Red and don"t know were to look in the directory structure.

I found that c:\Flowforge\var\projects\af40e641-bb40-43a4-a0a4-ab4b13299e1e, looking like my instance, but from there, I am block
Any guidance will be very welcome


Really, we'd need to know how you had things set up. In lieu of that, I'll make some guesses and give you some pointers.

Is there a database (sqlite) file in c:\flowforge\etc\? Your flows will be in there.

Is there a yml file in there too? That will have settings necessary to get up and running again.

Have you reinstalled FlowFuse? latest version or an old FlowForge version?

The install instructions should help you piece it together. Local Install • FlowFuse Docs

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help, I have no Database in Flowforge\etc but in flowforge\var as peer installation guide.

I opened the database with FlySpeed and I can see my project information into the tables. But, cannot find any of my flow.

I restored the folder flowforge to my local drive and I am able to load the project and see my only instance

Do I have to restart from 0 ? it must have a place I 'll find my nodes ?


Did you install a matching stack?

Please show me what is inside the stacks directory.

Next, show me what you have in FF admin > active stacks

My apologies, it should be in /var


Do you have this?

I assume you do as FlowFuse recognises that you have an instance.

Yes, in FF Admin, things seems to be ok

and same information into the directory

Everything appears to be in order!

Have you tried suspend/start/restart the instance?

What do you see in the logs?

Hi Steve,
Node.JS version: 18.19.1
NR : 3.1.5

I find out !!! : My Original installation was in Flowforge (capital F) and when I recreated the folder, I named it c:\flowforge .. (lower f)

It is 100% back -- hell of a relief ..

I am still a discovering flowforge. I switched from the std node-red dev to this plateform when I found the video on youtube.

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and thanks a lot for your support.. I make me stop freeking out :slight_smile: