Flow Disappear; did not open it for at least 2 months

I have been working on the flow for months for my sch project and now its no where to be found.I'm like 80% done. Didn't open it for at least 2 months. This happen before perviously as well and i redo it.
Any ways to retrieve it ???!!!?

what operating system is node-red running on?

are you using docker?

can you post the startup log - it will tell us where your files are stored. In particular

4 May 12:06:27 - [info] User directory : /pi/.node-red

Once you find your user directory you should be able to find a) some flows_... files and also maybe some hidden files named .flows_... (starting with a . )
The .flows_ files are one level previous version and the flows_ files are the latest.

Sometimes what happens is that your machine may pick up a new hostname (unusual but does happen particularly with Macs on Wifi and/or DHCP on different networks eg home then school. The flows_xxx file the xxx will change depending on the hostname - so you can just start Node-RED like node-red flows_myfilejson - Ie fully specify the flow file name on startup.

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