.config.json and node-red-flow-contrib-manager issues

I have installed node-red-contrib-flow-manager and am using node-red version 1.3.4 it throws error saying .config.json is missing , i have checked their gitlab repository there is an issue already created for the same.
Also i got to know that .config.json is split in to four,so i have changed the .config.json reference in flow-manager.js in local in to .config.projects.json also changed the readActive project function to point to active projects so that flows and subflows folder will create inside the active project.
The issue now is when i try to commit the flows.json to github from node-red editor it shows me that flows.json will be commited in the path 'flows/flows.json' which is the expected after committing am not successful to push my changes it throws ' bash: /dev/tty: No such a device or address'
Any help on this?

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