Merge Node-red-contrib-flow-manager with Projects feature


I just started to use the Project feature to work with Github to save and manage flows development. I trust integrating source revision inside the editor is absolutely great, especially when you run Node-RED form a docker and can't easily access to the shell (like running in Fargate or similar managed container service).

However, I believe that a great step ahead could be done if the Project feature integrates something similar to Node-red-contrib-flow-manager so each flow and subflow (and may be global configuration node) are splitted to separated files.
This would make revision tracking much more efficient, allowing to separate commits much more easily.

Unfortunately, my understanding is that Node-red-contrib-flow-manager cannot be used today with Projects.
I think it would be great if such feature was taken over by the core development team as it would massively improve the Project feature.


The ability to save flows in separate files is a long standing feature request - and something we do want to do.

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