Configuration Node


I am currently working on a project and was wondering if it is possible to alter the information within a configuration node with an export/import. This would be a great help to be able to change this information within the export file, to create a more dynamic workflow...

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @MisterDraegus

can you describe what you mean in some more detail? Export/Import of a flow is a separate activity to changing it. You could export the JSON, hand edit the JSON and then import it... but I'm not sure that's what you mean.

Hello @knolleary,

for example this is an export:

"id": "fe908436.d69798",
"type": "tab",
"label": "PLC input",
"disabled": false,
"info": ""
"id": "d9b727f6.201698",
"type": "s7 endpoint",
"z": "",
"transport": "iso-on-tcp",
"address": "",
"port": "102",
"rack": "0",
"slot": "2",
"localtsaphi": "01",
"localtsaplo": "00",
"remotetsaphi": "01",
"remotetsaplo": "00",
"connmode": "rack-slot",
"adapterauto": true,
"adapterport": "",
"busaddr": "2",
"adapteraddr": "0",
"cycletime": "500",
"timeout": "1500",
"verbose": "default",
"name": "PLC_Centraal",
"vartable": [
"addr": "DB0.DBX0.0",
"name": "Tag00"
"addr": "DB0.DBX0.1",
"name": "Tag01"

I want to add/alter certain information within the S7 endpoint (in JSON) and then import it back into Node-Red with the altered information...

But if I for example change the address from to and try to import the old information remains...

Do you understand what I am saying? :slight_smile: