Importing a flow without the configuration node

when I copy a flow from one machine to another I follow these steps:

test system with customised and tested configuration node ( home assistant in this case)

live system export a flow - sub flows and configuration nodes are included - save to file or clipboard - import flow to new tab on the test system.

At this point in time I have a test system with two configuration nodes for home assistant. One is working with one connected node and the other is not working with around 50 connected nodes.

How to I change all the nodes to use the working configuration - currently I open each node and change the server - not the most efficient, and I'll have to repeat that if I want to bring the updated flows back in to my live system..

You could load the flow file using file read, Then us JSONata or Javascript to search for each config node and alter the properties to the same as the working configs, then save using file write and restart node read.

You can use this tool to easily "Replace Home Assistant server id" in your exported nodes. The home assistant nodes developer created it.

thank’s for the concept.

This will be a real time saver for now and the rest of the site looks very useful.

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Could you use a system environment variable for this? Then the same flow would work on any system, provided the env had been setup.

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