Copying environment variables

I started to use environment variables to store config relating to a flow, I then duplicated the flow and changed its environment variables to customise the flow for a different environment.

For example, I have 12 environment variables to defining elements used in the office flow in my home assistant setup. I'm reusing a lot of those elements in my bedroom and have to manually recreate all 12 environment variables in the new flow.

Is there a way to export / import the environment variables from one flow to another?



I have exported a flow that has EV's.
And I can re-import this flow along with it's EV's with no problem.

This might be a problem with Home Assistants version of Node RED - most here use Node RED bare-metal

        "id": "40ea96e082085fa9",
        "type": "tab",
        "label": "Flow 1",
        "disabled": false,
        "info": "",
        "env": [
                "name": "Hello",
                "value": "World",
                "type": "str"

It depends on where you created the env vars, how you export, what version of Node-RED etc.

In newer versions of Node-RED you can specify env vars in a group, export/import the group - job done. Also, if you add env vars in tab properties, if you export the tab, then import it, they should get imported.

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Thanks' for the replies.

I can copy a flow which includes the env variables set on its tab, but I cannot copy these env variables to another flow - only a new flow.

I tried the suggestion of creating a group with the env variables, but these are scoped to the group, so also not useful in this case.

I think I will create a single env variable that contains a json object containing all the constants I need to use. At least this can be manually copied in a single step.

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Or you can put all env vars on a single tab or single group and use link-call to grab them from your "setup" tab or group and put them into msg.payload for you.

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