Confused by what is happening now

I have been doing pretty well with the dashboard in most cases.

Today I am bringing a new RPI online and am going through the setup of some dashboard stuff.

Picture 1:
3 items on the dashboard called "Telemetry".
Picture 2:
New tab, putting a new dashboard item on. Note red triangle.
Ok, it isn't assigned a dashboard.
Picture 3:
(Can't capture the problem) but the existing dashboard from Picture 1 isn't shown.
I am sure this never happened with the previous version of NR.
I could be wrong, but sorry, I don't understand why it is doing what it is doing now.

Help appreciated.

This is my best guess for what is happening....

Hover over the EyeSpyPiTelemetry entry in the sidebar and click the 'edit' button. This will open the edit dialog for the group.

At the very bottom right corner of the edit dialog is a select box. Make sure that has 'On all flows' selected - otherwise it will only be available to nodes on the one flow (aka tab) selected.

Close the dialog then see if it appears in the list when you edit the text node on the New Picture flow.


This is what I see:

And you can see the "on all flows" is ticked.

Here is a bit more of what was happening - and Yes, I know: WAS....

I went to the first tab which already had 3 items on it.
Dragged a new item and I could pick the name of the dashboard to put it on.
(Ok.... (thinking) So I set it to that name. CUT it. and PASTE it on the other tab)
Did that and it worked! Wow! Ok. Weird.
Then as soon as I edited that tab, the red triangle re-appeared.
Deleted the node and started again:
Back to first tab, put dashboard node on the page.
Selected the name as per the other three.
Edited the text.
Flicked to the other/new tab.
(Bare with me - sorry.)

I hadn't set the size. So it looked messy.

I edited the EyeSpyTelemetry entry and set it to 12.
Then tried to edit the sizes of the (now) 4 nodes.
All he!! broke lose.
All items were orphaned. Telemetry suddenly was "empty".
I had to create a group (left as Group1) to get all the nodes happy again.

After doing what you said, it seems to be working - for now.

Sorry if that is not helpful, but it is the best I can put together now in retrospect, as I wasn't doing screen captures at that stage and while all that was happening.