Connect Data logger to Node-RED


I have a data logger "GL820" ( connected to 100 temperature sensor (thermocouple K). I have fixed it an addresse IP.

My question : in your opinion, is there a way to connect this data logger to Node-RED ?

Thank you

There is always a way, it's more about is it worth doing it.

How does it export the data that it has logged?

What is node red running on?

Yep just had a quick look on the datasheet.

It has integrated ethernet and acts as a web server or a FTP download.

My first thought would be to connect ethernet to it and browse it from a PC - see what options you get in the web interface.

Pretty sure there will be some option such as download latest measurement data

You will need to see what that entails in terms of URL etc and then what the data looks like when downloaded - CSV, XLS, TXT etc and then we could go from there


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I can export date in csv or GBD file format but me I export Always in csv format.

On Raspberry pi.

@craigcurtin's reply above is worth a try then! Let us know how you get on.

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