Connect the DWH

I am trying to connect the DWH to the red node.
But I can't find flowes for it.
Maybe someone already did this?

I googled for DWH but was not enlightened as to what it is.

Data Warehouse

Which data warehouse implementation do you have? What are you trying to do with it and Node-red?

Interesting that your wikipedia link mentions ETL, another unknown TLA that someone (@carl) asked about this morning.

Searching the forum for ETL finds this page
There is some code there (especially if you click the pencil to see edits to posts). It might be relevant.

Extract-Transformation-Load. A common term for information management and data science.

Jen, if you want help from the forum, you really need to give people more information to go on. Data Warehouses are a massive subject area and generally very complex.

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