Store twitter data into DB2

Hello Team, I'm working with Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Node-RED. Have to collect the streaming twitter data into a DB2(dashDB) database. Could someone help me out with this.
Thank you.

This seems straight forward:

1- data comes in form the twitter node
2 - you formate the data nto a insert query (based on the DB node ou are using)
3 - you insert the data

What part of this are you having problems with?

1 - have you defined the database yet?
2 - which node are you using to access the database?
3 - can you do a query of the database?
4 - what data from the twitter streem are you storing in the database?

Add debug nodes in the flow so you can see what is coming out of various nodes. If you capture the data coming out of the twitter node, you could put it in an insert node for testing the formating of the query and insert.

@zenofmud Can I share the link of my flow, so that you can review?

See How to share code or flow json.

@ristomatti, Here is the link to my flow
[EDIT: Link removed by Moderator]
Kindly check if I went wrong somewhere in the DB2 tweet store function node and TWEETS dashdb node.
Thank you.

I really don't think you want to provide that link. Someone could go in and delete your entire flow.
Go read the link @ristomatti poined you to and then add you export to a reply.

Look at any error messages you get in your debug sidebar and use only one debug per naoe to make it easier to see where problems are occurring.

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