Connect to coolmay PLC

Hi All,
I have a raspberry pi integrated with Logo Siemens through node-red-contrib-s7 (I understand that library is only for logo siemens) , and the raspberry is connected to ubidots to send data to the cloud , it works well! .
My question is :
I would like to buy another chinese PLC (Brand name is Coolmay) and I want to know if there is a node red library for this brand. PLC (integrated with HMI ) is EX3G-70KHA/KHB.

This article states

Compatible with Mitsubishi GX Developer8.86 and WORKS 2

While that could mean several things, it suggests it supports MC protocol. There is a contrib node for mitsubishi PLC - node-red-contrib-mcprotocol (node) - Node-RED

And this article states it supports modbus - which can be used with this node: node-red-contrib-modbus (node) - Node-RED

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