Connect to Google cloud IoT

I'm trying to connect a Raspberry to Google Cloud IoT using node-red-contrib-google-iot-core but I haven't found any documentation whatsoever. So after many hours of searching the net I have to ask a few questions and hope someone has answers.

  • Is there a guide somewhere on how to connect?
  • What should I provide as Client ID and what does Google call that?
  • Port Number?
  • Should I generate a Private Key in Google Cloud Shell or on my Raspberry?
  • Do I need to provide Certificate and CA Certificate?
  • Where do I get a passphrase?

I am not familiar with the google iot core node, but it looks like it is a mqtt broker in the google cloud ?
Is there a specific reason why you wouldn't run a local mqtt broker ?

I'm working on a report for my project on how to connect to different cloud services and how they could be used in our project, so yes, I have to use a cloud solution.