Connecting Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug using tplink palette

I am trying to develop an IoT project for a class and am having issues correctly connecting a smart plug (HS103) to my flow. I have a Circuit Playground Express using the light sensor to gather ambient light readings and am trying to get it to trigger a lamp to turn on when the light level dips below a certain point. I have connected it to an MQTT service ( and can get data in the cloud there, but don't know how to best connect that to the tplink node (node-red-contrib-tplink) to control the plug. I must be missing some code in that node or switch node but I don't know anything about that may be my issue.

Here's my current flow. I tested the MQTT-in with a debugger and it is receiving data no problem, but the switch and tplink node(s) are not functioning.

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