Connecting LG tv smart not give TOKEN

Hi, please help me, I have a problem connecting LG LG smart 3D 2014 in node red dashboards. installed lgtv, lgtv2, and other packages. when I enter an IP address, I do not get a Token. when I use an app in raspberry lgtv_remoteControl.js (javascript) works fine. I need to transfer the application to node red dashboard.

any idea how to control my TV?

RPI 3B+ (connect Wifi to router)
TV LG 55LA660s-ZA, SDK 3.05 software version 04.28.17(LAN connect to router)

thank you for your help and tips
I am a beginner

node-red-contrib-lgtv works fine for me.

Did you enabled "LG Connect Apps" on your TV? Like mentioned on the node page.

Hi edje11

not function lgtv contrib, bat i have latest version webos. xml reading on port 8080 not 3000.

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