Connecting Mqttcloud with Node Red

I have already created the MQTT nodes in NodeRed and configured them appropriately. Now there is a connection between the nodes and CloudMqtt. Even if I implement an mqtt output, I get the right output. However, no data is shown to me on MqttCloud and I cannot send any. Does anyone know what's wrong?

I'm not familiar with MQTTCloud but I'm assuming that it's just an MQTT cloud service. I also don't know what level of knowledge you have with MQTT.

I'm afraid we'll need more information. When you publish, are you subscribe (in some way) to the topic to see if the data gets published. When you publish are you setting the retain bit? How are you viewing the topic and when?

Have you tried publishing a message to mqttcloud (mqtt out node) AND subscribing to mqttcloud (mqtt in node) using the same topic etc..


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Yes the connection worked but I don't receive any data in the cloud and the topic is the same.

Working OK for me... Set correct port?

What do you mean by 'the connection worked'?
Do you mean that both the mqtt out node & the mqtt in node are showing a green 'status' indicator and 'connected' beneath each node.
Yet the mqtt in node is not providing an output??

Yes there is under each node a green 'status' indicator named "connected".

...and does it provide an output??

No there is no output at CloudMqtt and even if I send something from the cloud to the node out nothing arrives.

Have you tried what I asked several posts earlier??

Yes, there is no reaction.

Then you need to recheck that the:

  • Server name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port number

That are listed in your mqttcloud account, are the same as the settings that you added to your node-RED MQTT nodes?

I had similar issues getting CloudMQTT to 'talk' to Node-RED and a Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266).
I eventually gave up and found another provider... BeeBotte

They offer 'free pricing plans' (with usage restrictions) - which means you can experiment with it in your projects.

Really sorry if this suggestion drags you off in another direction - but I think you might have more success and I think quite a few people on this forum use it (including me) so could offer help.

Here's a link to a tutorial, from one of my IoT students, showing how he used BeeBotte in his Weather Station project.

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Thank you. way of integrating with node-red and cloudmqtt-service is by way of my local mosquitto broker.
I configured a bridge from my mosquitto to like a charm.
Just remember to use TLS connection to cloudmqtt and install official certs on your local mosquitto.

One thing I'd add to that tutorial is that you need to add in a channel token to the security setting of your MQTT config
(Apologies if its in there and I didn't see it)


Hi Simon,
I forgot to mention inserting the channel token.
Thanks for showing the screen-shot and completing the jigsaw puzzle.

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