Connecting to nodered device using different wifi networks

Hello Sir is there a way that I can control the node-red device that is on one network using a device that has connectivity to different network. I want it for remote access of there is a way kindly tell me I will be thankful.

When you say a different network, do you mean across the internet? Or do you mean a different subnet within an organisation's network?

Across the internet

This is standard networking rather than a Node-RED question specifically.

In general there are two ways to access across networks - depending on what you mean by a network.

The case that Colin mentions is for (physically or logically) separated networks. In this case, you need a "router" to route between the networks. You have a router on your home network most likely and this is what links your home local network to the internet network (actually, more accurately, it links your network to your ISP's network).

A simpler case can be where the networks are all part of the same wiring but have different sub-nets. Typically for example, something on address cannot access something on because most local networks will "mask" the addresses to the 3rd segment of the address. You can see this in the "netmask" setting of your network configuration. In this case, it may be possible to change the netmask to allow bridging of the two subnets. However, this should not be done without an understanding of the network. Do not, for example, do that on a corporate/uni network without checking with the network/IT admins first.

A final point, if you do mean the Internet, it is critical that you understand that the Internet is a dangerous place to expose powerful platforms such as Node-RED. Know what you are doing and use one of the many ways to add a layer of protection.

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