Connection failed to broker


Hi, Im a noob to node-red, but pretty experienced in IOT, programming, etc.

Im sure its a config issue, but I cant get NR to connect to the MQTT broker in the Hassio Pi. No matter what I input as server it keeps logging "[info] [mqtt-broker:hassio] Connection failed to broker: mqtt://" - Ive tried using "localhost" "" "hassio.local". Ive tried using with and without security (ie user/pwd on the security tab). Nothing works...
same for both the sub and pub nodes on the canvas.
Other functions work fine, like using an inject to activate entities in hassio, but I cant use it for its main purpose - pub/sub of mqtt messages....

Anyone know what Im doing wrong?

/thanx Jock


Try with a command line client such as mosquitto_sub


Have you tried asking this on the hassio forum? (

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