ConnectionError SQL SERVER 19

Goog morning,
i have some problem with sql server (in local pc), using "node-red-contrib-mssql":

"ConnectionError: Failed to connect to LM-NBK-03:undefined in 15000ms"

My instance name is: LM-NBK-03\DEV19

Problably the problem is the port "undefined


Help please!

Try node-red-contrib-mssql-plus instead (that other node-red-contrib-mssql is pretty much dead, is missing many features & has bugs)

The problem is same:


  1. Did you remove node-red-contrib-mssql and restart node-red?

  2. Can you (from the node-red server) PING LM-NBK-03

From the tedious website...

SQL Server Configurations

Ensure SQL Server Browser and SQL Server Agent is running (Agent can only run on SQL Server Developer/Enterprise, NOT SQL Server Express).

Enable TCP/IP port via SQL Configuration Manager ( C:\Windows\SysWOW64\SQLServerManager14.msc for windows).

Ensure user is enabled: SQL Server Management Studio -> Security -> logins -> enable user

Ok now is ok.

The SQL Server Browser was not active. Sorry!


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