Node-red can't connect to SQL server

i can't connect node red to sql server, i use node-red-contrib-mssql, i try node-red-contrib-mssql-plus, aslo too. i configure firewall.

what should i do? Can you help me?

Why are there errors shown trying to connect to DESKTOP-F4NTBU4 and whereas the config shows Are you sure those errors are coming from the node shown?

Also can you connect using a different client, from the same machine that is running node-red?

i test and connected to sql server by file.udl
but i can't connect with node red

@gaara7271 as @Colin said, the only error in the debug sidebar that matches the configuration you've shown is the very last one - Connection Refused. Are you sure that is the right IP address? You have ticked the 'Use Encryption?' option - have you tried without that?

I have never used MSSQL so cannot provide any specific help, but right now it isn't clear how much you have tried yourself.

If it does work with a separate client, and you sure you've used the same settings in Node-RED?

Here is a look at my mssql-plus config:

Make sure that there are no typos in your Username and Password. I got the Connection Refused error when I fat fingered my credentials. I would also double check your Database name.

If your MSSQL server is also running your NodeRed instance, try using localhost instead of the IP.

Did you do that from the same machine that is running node-red?

Can you post your udl file here? remove any sensitive data obviously.

i re-install sql server and I was successful, i don't know why
thank you everyone

Hello @arneym , I have same issue, I typed my server name and still not connect, also the IP which was I found it under Server configuration Manager -> Protocols -> TCP/IP properties... That is the IP showing in IP10 and dont know what to do.

I have MSSQL 2014 installed in a PC and a device that is programmed with nodered, both are connected to a ethernet switch.