Error connecting to local MSSQL Server

Hi folks,

I have a problem trying to connect to a MSSQL Server hosted in the same host to Node-Red.
Node MSSQL outputs this error:
ConnectionError: Failed to connect to in 15000ms

This is the SQL node configuration:

What is wrong?

Best Regards!

You server doesnt look quite right. I realise it is a sql express but still, it doesnt look right.

So, regarding SQL instances: they don't (usually) appear on port 1433 like full installations. If you check the SQL logs you should find the correct port & you can use that in the config.

See this thread: Problem connecting to mssql express · Issue #63 · bestlong/node-red-contrib-mssql-plus · GitHub

The server would simply be your IP or hostname, the port would be the correct port SQL server opened

Another thing I have just realised you are using the old (unsupported, severely out of date) mssql nodes.

My advice was related to the much more capable and up-to-date node-red-contrib-mssql-plus nodes

First of all, if you look Sql Server Configuration Manager, is your TCP/IP protocol enabled and configured to port 1433?

It has some time when I'm last time used Express, but you could try just address