Context sidebar: pin path

Hi everyone!

I have a question about the sidebar for the context: is there a way to pin a path in an object, so that it stays open after updating the context? I think I read about that feature here on the forum somewhere (maybe a post from Nick?), but I'm not able to find the corresponding topic anymore...

Best regards!

Nothing like that exists today. If there were a previousn thread about it, I imagine I said it would be feasible to add - but nothing further has happened.

Thank you for your answer. It seems I've dreamt that, but maybe someday my dream comes true?

I think it would be a nice feature, with large objects in context it's always a clicking odyssey to get to the variable to look at. At the moment my workaround is to have a function node and output it with node.log, but that's of course not so flexible...

Edit: Ah, now after writing about it I remember that it is possible in the debug sidebar! A feature like that in the context sidebar would definitely be a huge improvement (at least from my point of view). Maybe, as the code already exists, it is not too complicated to implement it for the context?

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