Context Variables at User/Session Level


I am trying to simulate this example with two users. The flow context "textInput" is same for every user even though users trying to set different values. How can i defined user or session level parameters or variables?

Context scopes -

Sathishkumar C.

Node-red is not a multi user system. If two people are running the same occurance of NR, something one person does could/will effect the things the other does.

For example, if they are both using the dashboard and one presses an 'on' button to turn on the light, it will go on, but if the other person press the 'off' button, the light will go off.

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Thanks for the clarification @zenofmud

I think that Paul actually meant that Dashboard is a single-user system. :wink:

Node-RED does not currently have a pre-built multi-user user front-end. However, you could build one using uibuilder. Rather more complex than Dashboard though.

I'm still trying to find enough hours in the day and days in the week to finish off an authentication and authorisation extension to uibuilder that should make things a lot easier. Not finished yet though I'm afraid.


Yeah that's great. @TotallyInformation

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