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Hello. I am making user interface for a pick to light project. I am controlling many ESP32/ESP8266 devices using node-red (reading sensor values,toggling GPIOS, monitoring device state and etc. The problem is that multiple people might need to use the node red at a time.

Initially I thought using mdashboard would be perfect solution but I have recently realized that mdashboard does not allow any inputs to make changes to the output and that is not good for me since I am not able to read and display gpio pins states/ device state...

Is using original dashboard with multiple tabs ( one for each user) be a reasonable solution? That way, each user will be making changes only on his own tab and would not affect any others.

Are there any other solutions?

Node-RED is not a multi-user and not a multi-tenant capable system

Making a separate tab for each user is possible but it requires users to "stay away" from other users tabs. You cannot hide them

Other solutions would be to build a complete new system, eventually based on html, as front end and just use Node-RED as a kind of backend. Then you could implement access control for individual users, multi-user and multi-tenant. This would however require some substantial work as you can understand and it would still require work & changes in both when and if you expand the system with more devices and other features

At the bottom line, Node-RED is unfortunately not built with multi-user and multi-tenant in mind

This has been discussed many times, try search feature to find more related discussions

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Thank you for your answer.

So I have a raspberry PI which is my node-red host. What if I have raspberry PI each per user and host a seperate instance of node red on the same network? Is that even possible? Anyway, I might have a look at html and see what I can do there.

Certainly you can do that, with one Pi per user. Alternatively If you have a Pi4 then you could run multiple instances of node red on the same Pi, using different ports for each instance.

I dont have raspberry pi 4 yet, but I am planning to switch to PI4 anyways cause im facing some RAM issues on my PI3. Could you send me some more information about running multiple instanes on PI4 or send me a link where I could read about that little bit more?

I use this to install multiple NR instances on same Pi

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See my post in this thread: Node-RED dashboard interfaces - mobile vs tablet

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