New Utility: alternate-node-red-installer

Hi all, as I'm needing to install some clean installations of Node-RED for testing, I thought that I would finally get round to writing a proper tool for installing multiple independent instances of Node-RED.

I've just finished that off and published to GitHub and npm so you should be able to use it straight away if you have a need for such a thing. It gives you a command-line installer that takes a single parameter controlling the root folder for installation. It should work on all platforms.

This follows the installation approach that I've used for a couple of years now as I don't like to do global installs of server packages. A global install of Node-RED also restricts you to only having a single version installed which is not ideal for testing.

The advantages of this approach I believe are:

  • You can have as many different versions of Node-RED installed as you like making it easy to compare behaviours.
  • Everything is in one place which makes backup and restore (including a known, working version of Node-RED itself) really simple.
  • Everything is in a place that you have chosen. No wasted time hunting for folders in weird places.
  • Users don't need admin rights to install an instance of Node-RED.

Hope others find this useful. Let me know in this thread if you do or indeed if you don't!

As always, feedback and suggestions (preferably polite ones :slight_smile:) are welcome.