Contractor wanted: Library and node for DistKV (distributed key/value storage)

Hi, I am the author of DistKV, a distributed key/value store that emphasizes eventual consistency and 100% availability (as opposed to k/v systems like etcd or zookeeper where you're SOL if you no longer see enough servers to form a quorum).

I now need a NodeJS library to talk to it, and a set of Node-Red nodes to act as the frontend. Stuff like log in, get/set a value, watch changes on a value or subtree; basically just like MQTT (except for the "get a single value" operation which MQTT doesn't do of course).

The DistKV client/server protocol is based on msgpack and documented reasonably well, so I think this won't be too much of an effort if you know your way around NodeJS and Node Red.

The result of this effort is likely to end up on Github et al. as open source.